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New World? apa ada dengan New World yang dimaksudkan?. Ia adalah salah satu perubahan ke arah sesuatu yang lebih baru. Yang lebih "World" seperti kata MAWI. Supaya menjadi lebih baik dari hari ini. Adakah cita-cita aku untuk mencipta New World akan termakbul? Dengarkanlah celoteh dari aku,Painapple. To all Pembaca-pembaca yang sudi bersama untuk sedikit masa...


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

painapple diary-tears of pain's heart

if you could see through my heart..
deep down inside...
pain and hatred crawling..
like a starving creeps..
craving flesh of my heart..
leavin the scar 4 eternity..
its full of sorrow..
creating the hollow..
surprise by own shadow..
as it wont grive so long..
lying at cemetry..
moaning for no reason spelled..
and if you could only see into my heart..
not by my sight outside..
poker face express joker face.
to make people pleased and smile..
to be happy while it is so far away...
to be laugh while eyes cry..
strive as perfect Hippocratic...
good soon be better...
bitter invade best...
yet moon never dissapear..
seems light come no longer..
upside down you still linger..
so be it dear...
i spit the voice for you to hear..
as your blindness to see through my hearty heart in sober..
hover didnt bother..
fantasy is all however... :)

(sorry for my bad english)

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